JCT Course

Contracts in the construction industry are unlike any other and can cripple a business that hasn’t fully read and understood the risks contained within them. Learn all about the best ways to protect yourself, how to ensure you get paid on time, and more.

You can purchase the entire course or just the modules which you deem most relevant! The entire course can be completed in two hours, or you can go through each module individually in your own time.


Making Sure You Get Paid for Variations


Agreeing the Correct Scope of Works and Getting Paid for Extras


How to Limit Your Liability and Reduce Risks


Demystifying Collateral Warranties, Vesting Agreements & Other Associated Documents


The Alarming Costs of Getting it Wrong, Prevention & Dispute Resolution


How to Ensure you Get Paid – On Time!


Benefits and Dangers of a JCT and payment courses basics bundle, comprising of 5 lessons


Complete JCT and Construction essentials course, comprising all 9 lessons

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