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We are offering all members of The Resin Flooring Association a 10% discount on our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages for any contracts you need drafting.

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At BEB, we’re passionate about protecting businesses with robust contracts. In our experience, trades like flooring specialists are often the least well protected in this area – either because you’re busy on the road and it’s not been a priority or because you expect legal advice will be too expensive. This means you may find you’re writing off debts unnecessarily.

Having a bespoke set of terms and conditions drafted is the best way to fully protect your business. Our approach is hands-on so we’ll find out as much as we can about what your business does, how you work and any problem customers you may have had – because it’s only when talking about those practical, real-life issues you’ve encountered that we get to really understand how to protect you from those things happening again, in your ts & cs.

We can also help with sub-contractor agreements, shareholder agreements, GDPR & privacy policies and much more.


Are you signing contracts that you don’t really understand? We offer an affordable contract review service where we can check and confirm whether the contract you have been sent:

  • Protects you fully
  • Is clear and unambiguous
  • Contains clauses that could be risky for your business

We check the small print, so you don’t have to!

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