Here are some of our frequently asked questions (but feel free to ask us anything):


1. Do I need an expert to write a contract and/or ensure that it is legally binding?

No, you do not need a legal professional to write a contract or ensure that it is legally binding – you can write this yourself. However, it is always recommended that you enlist the help of a professional, particularly when dealing with unfamiliar territory. Here at BEB, we’re contract law experts with a wealth of experience and knowledge – we’ve written and reviewed contracts for every trade and profession imaginable, which means we’ve encountered and resolved problems for other clients that you’ve perhaps not even thought of, so we’re well prepared to help you with all your contract needs.

2. What does make a contract legally binding?

Typically, a basic binding contract must consist, at the very least, of four key components: offer, acceptance, consideration and the intent to create legal relations of some sort. It can be written or oral, though it is always recommended to go down the route of the former in order to have a viable record of what has been agreed between the involved parties – this makes disputes significantly less likely.

3.  Are you legally qualified?

Our staff are qualified in Contract Law and are individually regulated by CILEX, guaranteeing that your terms, contracts and agreements are in the very safest of hands.  Learn more about the team on our Why Use Us page.

4. What are your prices?

Our prices vary and depend on the level and type of services you require but they’re always fixed, so you know at the outset what it will cost. For contract drafting, we’ll generally recommend either our Bronze, Silver or Gold fixed price packages, which range from £499 plus VAT to £1999 plus VAT based on the number of documents you need.  We also have a variety of ad-hoc and support packages for contract reviews and other services.  We know that legal support can be daunting so we’re open and transparent about our pricing, which is why we have more information on our dedicated Services and Rates section.

5. What documentation can you work with?

We can help write or review a large variety of documents, including, but not limited to, terms and conditions, shareholder agreements, sub-contractor agreements, privacy policies, terms of purchase, manufacturing and distribution agreements, and more. If you are unsure on what services we provide, be sure to visit our dedicated Services and Rates section above or get in contact with us at info@bebconsultancy.co.uk.

6. What is the process?

All the documentation we produce is bespoke to your business.  That’s why every fixed price package includes at least 2 consultations, so we can get to understand how you work and any problems you’ve encountered in the past.  After the first consultation, we’ll produce a first draft, based on all the information we’ve gathered.  We’ll then arrange another call or virtual meeting with you so we can run through the document together, answer any queries you may have and discuss any changes you’d like.  It’s all included until we reach a document you’re happy with, which we’ll send across to you as a final draft.

7. How can the Essential Business Academy assist me in growing and strengthening my business?

The BEB Essential Business Academy is a perfect tool that can be used in order to hone your skills and knowledge within the world of business and gain expert support. Whether you are just starting up your business, or are looking to grow or increase your knowledge, we offer a wealth of useful resourses including access to a series of videos, downloads and checklists, pre-arranged Q&A sessions with the experts, and lifetime access to an exclusive online community. You can find out more on our dedicated page to the Essential Business Academy: https://bebconsultancy.co.uk/essential-business-academy/

8. Why are Terms and Conditions essential for my business?

Terms and Conditions are the foundation on which you’ll be selling your goods or services.  They’re designed to sit alongside your quotation or proposal, to form the basis of the contract between you and your customers.

We often find businesses either downloaded a generic template or copied a competitor or previous employer’s terms when setting up, or they’ve got nothing in place at all.  This leaves you open to a huge amount of risk.  Your terms should clearly set out what you’re responsible for and what the customer is responsible for, meaning you’re far less likely to end up in a dispute.

If you’ve not had your terms and conditions reviewed recently, send them across to us and we can give some free advice on whether they’d benefit from an update or not.

9. What is a JCT Contract?

JCTs and NECs are a standard form of contract used widely in the construction industry.  They were designed to standardise the terms on which employers, main contractors and sub-contractors trade.  However, a standard JCT or NEC is incredibly rare nowadays!  Typically, our clients will be given a huge list of amendments to the standard version, rendering the concept fairly pointless and putting all the risk on them.

10. Why is JCT Contract Training so important?

As mentioned above, JCTs and NECs have changed significantly and the risks involved can be huge.  From retentions, to losing thousands of pounds per week through LADs if you’re late, many construction businesses now avoid entering into contract with main contractors altogether.

Our online training course is designed to teach you everything we’ve learnt over the years about what to look for when you get sent one, so you know what to ask to be changed and you’re fully prepared before you sign it.

Check out our online training courses: https://bebconsultancy.co.uk/course/

11. Why might you need a contract review?

As a business owner, you’re deemed to have the capacity to know and understand what you’re entering into, so saying you didn’t read a contract you were sent is no defence.  We know it can be both daunting and time-consuming dealing with contracts, which is why we offer an affordable review service, where we’ll check the small print for you, tell you anything important you need to know and highlight any areas of risk.

We work with one-man-bands through to multi-national companies with their own dedicated legal departments – anyone without the time or inclination to read every page.

By enlisting our help, you reduce the risk of agreeing to or drafting terms that may be held against you and could prove to be massive sources of regret later down the line. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry, especially in business, and at BEB we provide just that – safety.

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