Contract Review and Support

We can review, advise, negotiate, acknowledge, plan and prepare every order and contract received in your business.

Ad-hoc Support

Starting from £175 + VAT per hour

Monthly Support Packages

Starting from £150 + VAT per month

We bring our expertise to your office and sit alongside your business to support you in amending and negotiating contracts

  • Are you signing contracts that you don’t really understand?
  • Are you reading contracts but feel they are so full of jargon you understand some clauses but not so much the others?
  • Do you feel they are unfair but worried if you don’t sign you will lose the business relationship?
  • We can check and confirm whether your contract contains potentially dangerous or unfair clauses and can confirm that it is legal and within the law and regulations

There are many concerns when using a variety of different agreements, these range from:

  • Concerns around IR35
  • Whether they are watertight
  • What does it mean

We check the small print so you don't have to! 

When presented with a contract to sign or when attaching your terms to a contract, it is critical to ensure it covers exactly what you need it to and that it shields you and your business from any risks.

Our team of contract experts can check whether your agreement:

  • Contains everything you need
  • Is clear and unambiguous
  • Conforms with any applicable laws or regulations (such as IR35 or GDPR)
  • Contains any clauses that could be unfair or potentially dangerous to you
Legal Support as and when you require it
  • We will be your legal representative, dealing directly with your customers and suppliers
  • We can write your debtor letters
  • We will review, advise, amend and negotiate any new contracts that you receive
  • We can amend any existing contract documents we have previously prepared for you
  • We will answer any ad hoc contract or legal questions and queries
  • You get priority service over non-contract clients with a dedicated account manager
  • We will give GDPR Support and guidance

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