Construction and JCT Contract Support

A JCT contract is a standard form of contract produced by the Joint Contracts Tribunal. They contain a large number of standard conditions that can apply or be removed as required. This means they can be used for a wide range of projects.

Construction contracts including JCTs and NECs can be long and complex documents that are heavily biased to protect employers, main contractors or the person issuing the contract. If you are receiving these contracts and signing without fully understanding the risks involved, we can help.

We bring our expertise to your business to provide you with your own in- house legal department to support you to negotiate and amend onerous contracts you are sent. We can also simplify the contract into layman’s terms and help you understand the liabilities you are to take on.

We understand every type of JCT, NEC or other Construction contract so that you don’t have to.

JCT and NEC Contracts are favoured by the construction industry, where often more than one project will be underway on-site at the same time. This type of contract sets out the responsibilities of all parties, clearly identifying

  • What work needs to be done
  • Who is responsible for doing it
  • What the deadlines are
  • The agreed cost
Our experienced, highly qualified specialists have worked in the lift, escalator, manufacturing and construction industry across the UK for over 20 years.

They are experts in the sector and can advise on all types of JCT and NEC contract including –

  • Standard Building Contracts e.g. SBC/Q, SBC/AQ & SBC/XQ
  • Standard Building Sub-contract Documents e.g. SBCSub/A (formerly Dom/1)
  • Minor Works Building Contract (MW)
  • NEC3
  • Design & Build Contract (DB)
  • Major Project Construction Contract e.g. MP, MPSub
  • Construction Management e.g. CM/A, CM/TC, CMWa/F
  • NEC4

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