Sam Sayer
Web & graphic design
I first got in touch with BEB to help with GDPR. It’s something I was aware of and having looked into it, it seemed like a bit of a minefield.
Sam Sayer

My website privacy policy was originally from a free download and some of the sections weren’t even all completed so I started to wonder what else I needed to look at, to make sure I was compliant.

I met with Hazel at BEB and we had a chat about GDPR and how it will affect me. We also discussed the various services I offer – as well as web design and branding, we also host websites and can organise other linked services through freelancers, like print and video. Hazel pointed out that my current terms and conditions were pretty generic and didn’t cover any of these other services.

My first thought was that BEB’s pricing was much more affordable than I’d expected. I’d have dreaded going to a solicitor for this and drowning in their fees. It’s also flexible, as they offer different levels of support, depending on what each client needs.

I decided to go ahead and get my terms and conditions, GDPR policy, privacy policy and freelancer agreement written. The drafts were sent over promptly and although I wasn’t looking forward to reading them, they were actually really easy to understand and were in plain English.

I then met with Hazel again, and she explained everything in simple terms so I wasn’t bamboozled with legal jargon. Having worked with other businesses in my field, BEB were able to suggest ideas I’d not thought of, to use within my company – things like taking deposits and changing my payment terms, which have really helped with cash flow.

I’ve since been able to refer BEB to my clients, particularly to those who sell online, as they need to include certain terms by law, and I know they’re all in safe hands.

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