Paul Walsh
Rope Access
May 2023
It is certainly less daunting when we get a new contract through as we just forward it to Molly for review
Paul Walsh

What was the problem you were experiencing before contacting BEB?

We needed our contracts reviewing and had been using solicitors historically but they were costing too much – charging hourly rates and weren’t really doing a very good job. BEB were able to offer a monthly retainer package which worked out more affordable.

What made you decide to contact BEB over other companies?


How did BEB resolve the issue you were facing?

Our contracts were thoroughly reviewed – Molly provided us with detailed notes which were easy to understand and agree to

What was achieved as a result of BEB’s service?

Peace of mind – like having an extension of our own team, 24/7 supervision. Certainly less daunting when we get a new contract through, as we just forward to Molly.
Value for money – fixed price monthly retainer at an affordable rate.
Up to date contracts that we understand properly.
Time saved as we don’t have to spend hours pouring over contracts now.

Would you use BEB’s service again and/or refer other businesses to BEB?

Yes – absolutely. There is no comparison!





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