Using a recruitment agency has many benefits to many different companies, from small businesses to multi-million pound organisations. Instructing a recruitment agency to find candidates ultimately will save time and save money. It may well be for permanent positions or temporary positions but whatever the position a recruitment agency will be paid for supplying such staff.

Before creating a relationship between an agency, the client and the candidate there will be some type of terms of business/contracts in place. Let’s take a look at the contract between the agency and the client. A relatively simple process – agency finds candidate, client hires candidate, client pays agency. In an ideal world, it is a smooth transaction where everyone is happy, candidate has a new job, client has a new employee and the agency are paid. Happy days!

However, what happens when that goes wrong?

  • The client tries to bypass the agency and hire directly
  • The client argues that the introduction was not made by the agency and refuses the invoice
  • The client simply just does not pay an invoice
  • The candidate leaves after a short time and so the client wants a refund
  • The client wants to hire a temporary worker on a permanent basis

Things in business can always go wrong, and when they do, it can cause a break down in relationship, lengthy and often costly legal disputes.

Imagine having someone who is affordable, personable and qualified at the end of a phone should any of these problems occur? Contract law specialists who are on hand should any disputes arise in your business. We have experience of working with clients in this industry including re-writing terms or being an ‘in house’ legal department, we are passionate about what we do and are successful.

We offer 12 hours of contract and legal support during a 12-month period to be used as and when you require it:

  • We will be your legal representative, dealing directly with your customers and suppliers
  • Write your debtor letters
  • Review, advise, amend and negotiate any new contracts with your customers
  • Answer any ad hoc contract questions and queries
  • Priority service over non-contract clients with a dedicated account manger
  • 20% discount on normal hourly rate

Protect your business and project a more professional image

> All for just £69 + VAT per month

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