Your terms & conditions should be the first legal document that you put in place when starting a new business. Here at BEB, we see time and time again clients coming to us once they realise things are going wrong. Invoices being chased, obligations being disputed, contracts being walked away from, and dissatisfied customers doing all they can to get a refund. Put a stop to all this now by contacting us.

Just pulling off any old terms & conditions from a similar business is not going to protect you the way having them written tailored to your business will. Copying from a similar business is dangerous, you may not be able to rely on them in court, they could be illegal and they may not have been written professionally in the first place. Plus, if you don’t understand them chances are your customers won’t!

You only need one set of terms for your whole business, even if you offer various services. BEB charge a fixed price for documents, details can be found here which is great since it is a document that you can use time and time again for every future client, knowing that your business is properly protected.

Don’t see the point?

Yes oral contracts are just as enforceable as written contracts, and with email trails documenting discussions and what is being agreed there is proof of your contract right? However, this can still create uncertainty. Imagine the cost in legal fees should you need to instruct a lawyer to help on a contractual dispute if they have to read through countless emails. Having one document where it is clear and well-structured is far less time consuming for any lawyer and there is more chance of it clearing up problems before needing legal advice anyway.

As business owner’s you’ll be considering the more business-related terms like price, payment terms and delivery costs. I’ve seen some pretty dodgy looking payment clauses I must say but at least they are there! What about limiting your liabilities? Protecting your intellectual property? Passing of title and risk? Cancellation and Termination? Having a well drafted set of terms and conditions will fully protect your position should ANY problems arise. Think WORST CASE SCENERIO! Who would be your most awkward customers and consider how you would respond to that?

I’ve also seen some terms & conditions that are not legally compliant and therefore not enforceable. Depending on who your customers are whether business or consumers will reflect what law will apply. Of course, not being legal will have a real negative effect on any business relationship you may have.

If you are still thinking that you can continue business without terms & conditions or ones you have stolen from somewhere else, then look at it in a different way. Having one agreement that applies to all future clients shows you off with a much higher professional image. You know what you are doing, you are taking your business seriously and your customers feel confident in entering in a contract with you.

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